On staying green

Dear all,

Now more than ever we need to pull together. And that’s exactly what we see happening in our global green community. Our number of participating countries has grown to 57. And with the support of all of our national partners we’ve been able to create a fully digital edition of our programme.

The competition can now be run via the web, including Boot Camps, National and Regional Finals. Countries where restrictions are being lifted can of course opt for physical events. The Global Grand Final will be entirely online. We will keep you posted on the date and programme details.

In the midst of all this we reached out to some former participants to discuss how they are keeping their businesses going these days. Read the interview and find out how they are adapting.

So, what’s the bigger picture for cleantech during and after COVID-19? Is it all bad? Will investments drop? Or has peak oil arrived? We created a short read on the subject.

A couple of additional good reads on challenges and opportunities for green tech:

That’s it for now.

Stay safe, stay green,
Team ClimateLaunchpad

PS: How you can help
Applications are flying in all around (the current number is 2,800) and Boot Camp season has begun. Do you know anyone with a green idea? Please refer them to our application page.

Together we create #globalgreenimpact

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