5 Reasons Journalists Should Come to the EU Finals

90 teams and scores of innovative people staying calm and tackling climate change will welcome journalists at the ClimateLaunchpad EU Finals in Tallinn.

Are you a journalist who would like to cover the EU Finals in Tallinn? Well, we can’t wait to see you there. You can download our Press Kit (pdf)  for details about the event.

Here’s are some of the reasons you should come see us:

1. Journalists will have access to 90 teams from all over Europe who will present their low carbon business ideas


That’s a lot of innovative and creative people in one place. Imagine how many have stories that your readers will want to hear. There are startup journeys galore. We have scientists designing new bacteria; technologists solving old problems; innovators anticipating new challenges.

The competing teams are thinking about how to feed the world, how to ensure clean water, and even how to have good clean fun.

They are entrepreneurial and determined. People like them will change the world.

2. People serious about climate change will be there

We have people like Mike Goodfellow-Smith attending who have been dealing with sustainability and climate change for decades now. Our project lead Frans Nauta describes himself  as an”EU-guy working in Silicon Valley and a Valley-guy working in Europe on innovation & entrepreneurship, with a strong affection for clean tech.”

At the same time, we have teams that are embarking on their careers, some still studying: like Green Hub, a team that has found a way to reduce the heat island effect and have fun.

3. We’re all about solving problems

keepcalm-sideWe know how disheartening and scary the future can seem. Our teams don’t dismiss the challenges. They tackle them.

We’re excited about some of the ideas out there and you should be too. We’ve got teams like Trigger Systems and Sunny Water, with technology that can drastically reduce the amount of water currently wasted by irrigation. Others like Hivemind are creating solutions that help monitor beehives. And if you’re worried about how we’ll have enough micro-emission protein to feed the world’s growing population, we’ve got teams like BugBox & Oil and InvertaPro coming up with solutions.

4. Estonia is a European leader in ICT education

In addition to the people who will be attending the event, our host country is known for its innovation in ICT education. They’ve committed themselves to building an innovative and skilled population. Companies like Skype were founded there.

5. Wolves and wilderness

Estonia has both.

Download our Press Kit for details about the event.


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