Fixing climate change,
one start-up at a time

The future is green. To get there we need massive amounts of green ideas. Ideas that are put into action.

Starting a business is the most powerful way to do that. A business can grow based on customer needs and it can grow on a global scale. That is key to tackling climate change.

That’s why our motto is: ‘Fixing climate change, one start-up at a time.’

All change starts small. With passionate people. People who don’t wait for permission – or for the ‘right’ moment. People willing to explore and eager to act. Who are okay with being called crazy. People who believe in their idea and want to put it into action.

We believe in those people. We help them think, act and grow big. So they can help tackle climate change.

The future is green. Be part of it. Join ClimateLaunchpad.

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