Psst, we wanna give you a heads up on this one…

Fixing climate change, one startup at a time – that’s what we do. But you know what? That’s actually under-promising. How about we do over a hundred at a time, all together in one location for two glorious days?

That’s the ClimateLaunchpad Global Grand Final for you. Save the date and join us in Limasol, Cyprus on October 17-18.

This event is like taking a sneak peek into cleantech future. You’ll be among the first to meet the next generation of successful start-ups from all over the globe.

Stay tuned, because we have heaps of great stuff up our sleeves. We’ll soon announce the full program and speaker list.

That’s all for now, have a great day,

Frans Nauta
Founder ClimateLaunchpad

Oh, just one more thing, though. Not to brag (well, maybe a bit…), but to give you an idea of our Grand Final vibe. This is what one of the 2016 participants said:

‘If solving climate change would always be this much fun, we would have solved it decades ago.’

Amen to that.

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