Saving the planet Star Wars style

Over the years I must have seen more than a thousand start-ups, most of them in cleantech. One of the patterns I discovered is a phenomenon I call ‘Saving the Planet Star Wars Style’. It sounds cool, but can in fact mean the beginning of the end for many promising entrepreneurs. Let me explain.

Great news: Australia joined ClimateLaunchpad. Good on ya, mates! Do you want to bring our competition to your neck of the woods as well? Give us a shout.

On the subject of good news: tickets to our Grand Final in Cyprus are now available. Join us there. 

And as always, here are the web’s best reads on green business we found for you this week:

– Renewables Employ 9.8 Million People in 2016.
– To slow climate change, India joins the renewable energy revolution.
– California is taking the lead to fight emissions.

Have a good day,

Frans Nauta
Founder ClimateLaunchpad

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