Why every start-up needs a top-notch advisory board ASAP

We prepared a fresh blog on why every start-up needs a stellar advisory board in place ASAP – and how to go about it. Read it here.

Also: we discovered our work is really starting to pay off. It appears the green wave is getting oil barons seriously anxious about their riches. On top of all their worries they have to find a way to deal with the Tesla Model 3. And the first reviews of the Opel Ampera E/Chevy Bolt are fueling their fears. Feeling sorry for the oil barons? Watch this and support them in their struggles: ‘Together, we can prevent the future from happening!

And as always, we’ve scanned the world wide web and found you some interesting, fun and intriguing green content. Enjoy:

Frans Nauta
Founder ClimateLaunchpad

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