“The cleantech explosion is here”

Take a deep dive into the economics of a green future with ClimateLaunchpad trainer Ron Bloemers

During a sold-out MELT Innovatsioonifoorum in Tallinn, Estonia, our very own trainer Ron Bloemers delivered the opening keynote: ‘The cleantech revolution is here to stay and what it takes to accelerate it’.

With 25 years on his belt in the cleantech arena, Ron has an impeccable sense of where things are headed. ‘It is about the money’, he says. ‘Cleantech provides a trillion dollar business opportunity for start-ups and scale-ups.’

Watch him explain the economics of a green future in the video below. He addresses three main topics:

  • The race against the clock: global cleantech markets are expected to explode between 2020-2050 for economic reasons alone, while the window of opportunity for humanity to avert catastrophic climate change is closing
  • How to accelerate cleantech innovation and build cleantech highways
  • A success story: cleantech start-up acceleration in Estonia

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