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Wild Card competition big success

A new way for our participants to gain access to the Global Grand Final is our Wild Card competition. This year 2,600 ideas entered ClimateLaunchpad in 53 participating countries. National winners (numbers 1 & 2) all automatically go on to the Global Grand Final in Amsterdam.

All National numbers 3 now join in a Wild Card competition. With online video pitches and a voting mechanism that is open to the public these teams compete for a Wild Card to the Global Grand Final in The Netherlands.

The Wild Card competition is divided in 3 rounds with different teams competing in each round. The first round is already behind us. Across the globe over 10,000 votes were casted.

Teams that won a Wild Card in Round 1:
1. EINO Environmental Technologies – Turkey
2. Fruges – Pakistan
3. UrbaGarden – Serbia
4. Green Axis – Nigeria
5. Pulse – Cyprus
6. ReBuild – Jamaica

Round 2 will be open from October 3 until October 7. The final round is October 17 until October 21.

May we have your votes please? 🙂
Check out it out here.

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