We have our 2021 winners.

Meet the climate entrepreneurs and their start-ups that are set to tackle climate change.

AI driven IoT designed for  existing airconditioners to cool a room sensibly. Turning organic household waste into livestock feed. Transforming conventional trucks into low-emission vehicles with a plug-in carbon capture kit. Those ideas won our 2021 competition.

Out of the incredible number of 2136 ideas entered in 55 countries, these three start-ups ended up as the world’s Top 3 this year. We proudly send them on their way to create global impact.

The overall winner is SMDPower Solutions from India. They  designed an AI driven IoT  for  existing airconditioners to cool  rooms sensibly and reduce wastage of electricity. Its control algorithms are tested for saving more than 50% electricity required otherwise by a Split AC.

Runner-up Entomo Farm from Zambia is all about supplying organic livestock feed based on insects. One of the main raw materials is organic household waste. This action, of reducing landfills, is in turn good for the environment as it sees a reduction in the carbon footprint.

In third place we proudly introduce you to Qaptis from Switzerland. They build a kit to retrofit heavy vehicles (trucks and ships) and stationary engines to capture CO2 (potentially NOXs, SOXs), without any energy penalty. The kit can capture up to 90% of the CO2 and store it in a liquid form. CO2 is then reused in different applications (materials, plastics, synthetic fuels).

Listen to what all winners had to say about this year’s competition:

These winners are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out these and all other start-ups in our searchable database. Or review all of their pitches here.

2021 theme awards
Our 2021 competition was defined by 7 green themes, enabling participating start-ups to focus and maximize their impact. Each theme had a winner:

• Adaptation & Resilience: Water Will from Egypt
• Circular Economies: Sleepify from Austria
• Urban Solutions: G-Tellus from Uganda
• Clean Energy: HydroFeed from Kazakhstan
• Sustainable Mobility: Qaptis from Switzerland
• Food Systems: Bare Native from Italy
• The Next Big Thing: Floatmeal from Japan

The entire Top 16 wins access to the ClimateLaunchpad Accelerator programme.

• SMDPower Solutions Pvt Ltd from India
• Watasumi from Japan
• Floatmeal from Japan
• SMoJEVA from Vietnam
• Bare Native from Italy
• Sleepify from Austria
• Qaptis from Switzerland
• EcoDigInsect from Italy
• SOYL-GEL from Turkey
• HydroFeed from Kazakhstan
• Entomo Farm from Zambia
• HyaPOWER from South Africa
• Drop Access from Kenya
• ThinkBikes Limited from Nigeria
• Water will from Egypt
• G-Tellus from Uganda

We want to congratulate all winners of 2021! Well done. And thank you to all participants. Together we made ClimateLaunchpad 2021 another blast and together we are fixing climate change. If you did not win, you may feel like you lost. Well, think again. And read this golden oldie blog post from 2017.

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