How to win ClimateLaunchpad. Our best tips for your competition success.

You’re about to enter ClimateLaunchpad or have already done so. And of course you are as serious as we are about tackling climate change. So you’re not in it just for the ride. You want to win this thing and be on your way to create global impact. Right?

We’ve seen hundreds of green business ideas. Over the years we’ve learnt what makes ideas and teams stand out and give them the edge to win our competition. Some of our insights to increase your chances:

#1 Read and follow the guidelines
Don’t let details be the reason for being unable to compete or win. Make sure you know what the competition involves. Read and follow the instructions on the application form. Dive into our FAQ. Make sure your idea is in line with what we are looking for. Be clear about judging criteria and eligibility requirements. Don’t miss your national submission deadline.

#2 Get feedback before applying
You feel confident you have a brilliant green idea. Make sure you run it by other people before applying. Ask mentors, professors or any other useful people you can think of for feedback. It’ll help you submit your idea as clear as possible. (Of course, beware of people possibly ‘stealing’ your idea.)

#3 Commit time & energy
The first thing to do is mark all dates for the Boot Camp, the National and the Grand Final in your calendar. But there’s more to it than that. You will work harder than you have ever before and dream bigger than you thought possible. Stick with your idea, follow the programme and commit yourself to success. You cover that part, we guarantee you’ll be ready to dazzle the Jury.

#4 Dazzle the Jury
Pitch yourself silly. You’ll get all the help you need to perform on stage and present the best possible case for your idea. But you know practice makes perfect. So, pitch in front of a mirror. Use family members as your audience. Pitch to your dog. Pitch while running, pitch while brushing your teeth. Practice and pitch yourself to perfection.

Extra tip: yoga and/or meditation techniques help build mental strength and a strong physical presence. Sounds silly? Trust us, it helps boost your performance and give you the edge to rock the stage during the National and Grand Finals.

#5 Get in touch with former participants
Reach out to the people who have gone before you. Ask their advice, how did they win?

#6 Benefits even if you don’t win
Of course, you’re in it to win. But even if you don’t, you’ll benefit in so many ways from joining the competition. You get to validate your idea, meet and work with peers, get access to a vast network, develop skills and learn techniques. There’s no doubt you’ll bring your idea to the next level. Or be able to come up with a new idea and incorporate all you leant in that. Either way, if you’re serious about becoming a green entrepreneur, this will be the best-spent time and energy.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour,

Team ClimateLaunchpad

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