We have our winners. The Global Grand Final 2018 was a blast.

Yet another generation of cleantech entrepreneurs is set to tackle climate change.

Green start-up ECO2Blocks from Portugal won ClimateLaunchpad’s fifth edition. They are building a business with the production of masonry blocks with 100% industrial waste-based materials, carbon dioxide and non-potable water.

Second prize winner is JSP from India; they developed a microbial fuel cell technology that treats textile effluent to generate energy.

Crover from Scotland came in third with their idea to reduce grain wastage with their patent-pending technology for grain storage monitoring.

Our Global Grand Final this year was held in Edinburgh, Scotland on November 1 and 2 and hosted by our partner ECCI. 2018 showed a record number of 1,500 cleantech entrepreneurs applying for National Competitions in 44 countries and 50 Boot Camps across the globe.

If you missed it, we’ve got you covered. You can watch the video archive of the Global Grand Final 2018 here on our LIVE page.

Global Grand Final 2018 Winners

1st Prize: ECO2Blocks, Portugal (€ 10,000)

2nd Prize: JSP, India (€ 5,000)

3rd Prize: Crover, Scotland (€ 2,500)

2018 Audience Award: Sponsh, The Netherlands

2018 Theme Awards, € 5,000 each:

Sustainable Production Systems: ECO2Blocks, Portugal

Sustainable Land Use: FreezeM, Israel

Urban Transitions: ENLIL, Turkey

Circular Economy: FenX, Switzerland

Decision Metrics & Finance: Hurricane LLC, Ukraine

Solutions for Emerging Markets: StarkTek, Germany

This year two extra prizes were awarded for social impact and location based solutions, € 2,000 each: 

Evlogia, India

Sagar Energy Solutions, Tanzania

The 10 teams who won direct access into the Climate-KIC Accelerator

Congratulations to all winners of 2018! Well done.

And thank you to all participants. Together we made ClimateLaunchpad 2018 a blast and together we are fixing climate change. If you did not win, you may feel like you lost. Well, think again. And read this blog post from 2017.

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