Yuon Control solves the puzzle of sustainable heat management 

A proud and very happy start-up Yuon Control heard its green business idea declared the winner of the European Final.

Entrepreneurs from Yuon Control took on the big challenge to optimize district heating networks that warm family homes and reduce energy consumption. Not an easy task, considering that, in their homeland Switzerland, the heating of buildings alone accounts for 30% of the total energy consumption. But the start-up cracked it with a novel predictive and intelligent heating control system. And earned the first place in the European Regional Final.

Greatest ambitions
The start-up has the greatest ambitions. “We aim to make our heating control system the new European standard for heat management,” says Sebastian Hersberger of Yuon Control. “Winning this green competition encourages us to realise this.”

Optimising the entire system
Yuon Control optimises heat management across the entire system, thereby increasing the capacity by about 25%, reducing peak loads, and providing real-time data to unlock remote monitoring/management of the system. Their control system independently learns the thermal characteristics of a building and optimizes its heating practices.

Big impact
Yuon Control participated alongside 339 other teams from 14 European countries. The jury picked Yuon Control as the winner because the start-up tackles the big problem of managing energy production and green house gasses in a sustainable way. Furthermore, the start-up has a big market potential and could definitely create big impact.

Big chunk off the ecological footprint
“This green competition has been a great journey. We learned a great deal from the Boot Camp and other competitors. We’re very happy with this result and ready to take the next step: taking a big chunk off the ecological footprint created by the heating of buildings.”

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