Making potty-training fun for everybody


In the 1950’s 95% of children were potty trained by the age of 1,5 years. Today, children in the developed world wear diapers until 3 years on average. By reducing this age we save over a billion disposable diapers a year, that would otherwise end up in landfill.
RoPotty is a special potty-training device that parents can rent to teach their toddlers how to use the toilet. Making the potty exciting, educating and fun for children, helps the parents to save a lot of time, nerves and energy. We are building a renting system. That means parents don’t have to worry any more about what do to with the potty after their child is trained. They can just send it back to us and we will use it again. Let’s rent a potty!

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  • Annika Meitern - CEO, Richard Meitern - R&D, Farištamo Eller - Branding

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