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Smart Mountain

Commercializing climate adaptation & resilience projects for developing countires


Trillions are available for climate initiatives, but institutional gaps handicap developing countries access to its opportunities. The Caribbean shares this problem. Unverifiable impact deters the deployment of funds to such projects. Smart Mountain fills this institutional gap, providing a trusted, verifiable structure derisking the financing of such opportunities. We provide a digital platform using AI and Web 3 technology to combine: (1) trusted data capture, measurement and management of the impact of climate projects, (2) a unique offset model and (3) sustainable business approaches to optimize commercial viability of projects.

We capture a greater share of impact value, with the offsets denominated into a commercial rate of return via local fiat and the carbon markets. We focus on projects within the Eastern Caribbean’s blue carbon space, leveraging their Central Bank Digital Currencies to deliver proof-of-concept for multilateral bodies, investors, and service providers.

Quick facts

  • 2023 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • Trinidad and Tobago
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  • Mr. Navin Seeterram - Co-founder, CEO; International Development Strategy, Product Management, Impact Measurement And Management; Mr. Immanuel Segol - CTO, AI & Blockchain Developer In FinTech & ClimateTech; Dr. Denyse Dookie - Climate Scientist & Development Economist; Prof. Dan Hyde - Lawyer And Expert On Smart Contracts; Prof Avinash Persaud - Economic Adviser

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