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AI-based Carbon Footprint Calculator for Carbon Neutral Trips


Tripnly’s AI-based Carbon Footprint Calculator allows individuals and businesses to calculate, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions in their trips and travel-related activities.

Individuals can use the Carbon Footprint Calculator and Carbon Offset Program to calculate their travel emissions and purchase carbon offsets to become carbon-neutral travelers. Businesses can benefit from Decarbonisation Management, Carbon Neutral Corporate Packages, and Carbon Footprint Calculator and Offset APIs.

Our novel AI-based carbon emission calculation methodology quantifies greenhouse gas emissions more accurately than estimations and calculates the direct and indirect carbon footprint (Scope 1-3). Most importantly, our software tool aligns with the European Green Deal and is specifically tailored for the travel and tourism industry.

We aim to make every single trip carbon-neutral by 2030, which is why we believe carbon offsetting should be accessible and easy for everyone.

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  • Alper Aydın (Co-founder & CEO), Nejat Aksoy (Co-founder & CTO)

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