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National Third prize winner

WaterCloset 2.0

A modular shower storage solution that recovers water & heat


“WaterCloset 2.0” is a modular shower storage solution that can recover up to 100L of shower water per day for toilet flushing as well as recovering the heat from the warm water to preheat the cold water going to the shower mixer.
This can save a household of 4 persons about 2.400kWh/year (1,200 kg CO2)/ as well as 36m3 of water. In Denmark this can save the household us to 600€/year.
The unit fits in the corner of any existing shower and provides storage space for shower products. It can be easily be installed without having to rebuild the bathroom and does not require any expensive plumbing installations.
It is possible for the household to install the unit at no costs because of a “pay-as-you-save” business model.

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  • Denmark

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  • Simon Kolff, Product Designer & Entrepreneur - MSc. In Sustainable Design

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