National First prize winner


Electrochemistry driven conversion of carbon dioxide to chemicals


CO2ElectroRefinery aims at creating a production platform to convert CO2 to building block chemicals as well as higher organic compounds. The main target of CO2ElectroRefinery is to develop an industrially-relevant bio/electrochemical system capable of converting waste carbon dioxide from the industry into hydrocarbons and or/higher organics. Another goal is to develop the above concept in a modular system which is linked to renewable energy sources (hydro, wind, solar etc.) so as to operate at the time of peak electricity with a quick start up period. The whole approach will be based on the trademark VITO gas diffusion electrodes electrodes which are economic (low cost), performant (high-electron transfer capability), process-compatible (wide varieties of electrolytes and bacterial colonization/biofilm formation) and flexible to fit for various reactor designs.


This start-up is one of the Top-10 teams in our Grande Finale and won access to Climate-KIC Accelerator. Curious about the pitch during the ClimateLaunchpad European Final 2015? You can watch it here.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Belgium

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  • Deepak PANT (Scientist) / Yolanda Alvarez Gallego (Scientist) / Metin Bulut (Buisness Development Manager)

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