Materialspecies are unique high-quality materials made out of construction waste


MaterialSpecies by STUDIO8 are reborned high-quality materials made out of construction waste. Why species? Because each material is a species, it is unique! Our product can bring substantial change on construction circularity, as we are able to minimize the consumption of raw materials, diverte waste away from landfill and reduce CO2 emissions by applying the principles of the circular economy in refurbishments. First, we evaluate construction waste potential and develop digitally material textures to get aesthetically compelling solutions for overall space coverings, furniture or bricks. Then we get into on-site production, where we create samples and reintroduce the reborned materials again in the building, bringing the waste to life and preserving its life-cycle.

Quick facts

  • 2021 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Portugal
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  • Patricia Gomes (Business And Head Of Product Development) ; Luís Lima (Design Development)

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