We sell electric trucks to companies engaged in transportation of any goods at an affordable price.

Xi Bassile

We provide an innovative nature-based solution for urban drainage.


ECO INSULATION PRODUCT manufactured with recycled plant fibers.

Ecomak Recyclers

Ecomak transforms plastic waste in communities and cities into eco-friendly construction bricks.


The Balloon Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Solution.

Beat The Butt

Beat the Butt wants to end with the cigarette butt pollution in the environment.

Solar Wheel

Extending the vehicle range of your electric bicycle

Aldea Energy

Self-consumption as a Service in city center thanks to distributed energy production platform


We produce green roof modules for sheet metal and tiled roofs.

SMDPower Solutions

Save 50% on your Aircon utility bills at No Cost to you with our iAC.

Carbon Neutral Initiative

Climate Crisis Professionals Found to Mitigate Global Environmental Issues

Zero Waste Moz

We turn your waste into gold!


Skills and strategies for sustainability ​in academia


Tackling housing deficit while shaping a sustainable future

BikeBus For Work

BikeBus for Work, with your Bicycle onboard!

Piss & Love

dry toilets & more

EthiCoin Kft.

We measure and reward sustainable actions of citizens


Biological Direct Air Capture Sytems for transportation, industry, and homes


Qaptis transforms conventional trucks into low-emission vehicles with a plug-in carbon capture kit


tOURmix is a crowdsourcing based home delivery platform.


Production of biogas for Urban area’s and commercialization of biofertilizer

Black Brick

We are using plastics manufacture Bricks



Burq 7 Tech

Smart monitoring of electricity consumption to help consumers conserve energy….


Prefabricated sustainable dome homes at lower cost


Quoin tackles the housing crisis by making sustainable homes affordable.

Kempol Textiles

Sustainable and ethical fabric and clothing for a greener world

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